Bea Bula Playground at Nichols Field
The playground is designed for children ages 2-15 and includes 3 slides, climbers, a tunnel and a handicapped access transfer platform. The playground surface is a recycled rubber that has been proven to reduce head injuries from a fall. The swing set has 2 toddler swings, 2 belt swings, and a handicapped swing. The playground has been inspected by the equipment supplier, as well as a nationally certified playground inspector, and meets all current safety guidelines and requirements.

We encourage all of you to take an active role in protecting this new addition to our park. It is a great community asset, and we all need to participate in keeping it this way. When you are driving by, or bringing your kids to play, please look around. If you see signs of vandalism, suspicious activity, or inappropriate use of the facilities, please notify the police.

Please call Tiffany Quinn, Park and Recreation Director, for more information or questions.
Chaps Court-Outdoor Basketball
Chaps Court is an outdoor basketball court located at Nichols Field.  The court is open to the public.  Please help keep the park nice for everyone to use by picking up your garbage and disposing of it at home.

Directions to Chaps Court (Nichols Field) can be found on the Facilities Page.
East Haddam Dog Park
The Dog Park is open at the Town Beach. The Dog Park is located at the old ball field at the Town Beach, 291 East Haddam Colchester Turnpike, Moodus, CT 06469.  Please be sure to clean up after your dog and report any problems to the Recreation Department at (860) 873-5058.

East Haddam Town Beach

The East Haddam Town Beach is located on East Haddam/Colchester Turnpike in East Haddam, CT.   Please remember that there are no boats allowed in the swimming area.  Please keep the beach clean.

The pavilion at the beach is open for the public to use.  We do not rent out or reserve the pavilion, so please share the space respectfully.

If you are interested in using the pavilion in the off season, please call the Recreation Office at (860) 873-5058 to make arrangements or use the Facility Use Agreement found under "Forms" on the home page.

Directions to the Town Beach are located on the Facilities Page.

Heritage Park
The Public Works Department built a beautiful walking trail around the perimeter of the Heritage Park (located at the intersection of Great Hillwood Road and Falls Road).

This walking path is 1/3 of a mile (one lap around the path) and can be accessed by parking at the Senior Center or a small gravel parking lot on Great Hillwood Road.  

We have installed outdoor fitness equipment at the park as well. The equipment accommodates a wide range of activity levels, fitness levels and ages. 

Please help us keep the park clean and report any damage or problems to the Recreation Department at (860) 873-5058.

Nichols Field
Nichols Field offers field space for baseball, softball and soccer.  These fields can be used by calling the Recreation Office at (860) 873-5058 to make arrangements.  Please do not let your dogs run loose on the fields.

Directions to Nichols Field are located on the Facilities Page.
The Hunter Daniels/Dan Dombroski Memorial Park is located at the Old Middle School on the corner of Wigwam Rd. and Plains Rd. in Moodus CT.  While this park is unsupervised, it is very important that everyone abide by the posted rules and self monitor their behaviors.  Swearing, littering, "tagging" and property damage will ruin the park for everyone! Please make sure that all of the garbage is placed in the cans that are provided.  Please do not deface public property with spray paint, stickers or graffiti.  Please wear your helmets and safety equipment. Report all damage or issues to the Recreation Department at (860) 873-5058.
Tennis Courts
The tennis courts are located at the Old Middle School at the corner of Wigwam Rd. and Plains Rd. in Moodus, CT.
They are open to the public. The courts are old and do have significant cracks in them. We are aware of this, we will repair the cracks yearly until we have the funds to build new courts. Please report any problems to the Recreation Department at (860) 873-5058.